We are currently looking for influencers that would like to receive Free Merchandise in exchange for promotion of Bare-ish products on their platforms! If you love what we are about and want to be on this lifestyle journey with us, please send us your details for consideration! Alternatively, you can email us with your details at

You will be given your own custom coupon code and anyone who uses your Code at checkout gets $$$ off. This is an opportunity for YOU to make a % of every sale that comes from it! Apply Now!!!)

To apply, please give us your social media names, include your Instagram username, YouTube, and any other social media platforms and your Mailing address. Once we review your feed, we will email you back and let you know if you have been approved. We can’t wait to hear from you💜


Q. Does being a Bare-ish Influencer cost me anything?

A. No. It’s completely free to sign up.

Q. Can I promote other brands as a Bare-ish Influencer?

A. Yes! The more you use and showcase your Bare-ish favorites, the more you increase your earning potential, but we understand there are other brands you love, too.

Q. Is there a requirement to how often I need to post about Bare-ish.

A. No. How often you post and how much you gain is in your power. If you regularly remind your followers about your Bare-ish favorites in tutorials, posts, and photos with your unique discount code, they are more likely to think of you when they shop. However, if you do receive a PR box from us there will be different posting requirements

*Please note that you must have public social media accounts AND be subscribed to our Bare-ish Newsletter to receive email notification if accepted.*