Bare-ish products are meant to give you amazing lift and coverage, but like everything in life they may not be for everybody. It is very important that you use our tape products safely as we all have different skin types that react differently.

Below are some guidelines we need you to keep in mind before you proceed to try or use our product.

  • Do not use our tape on bruised, cut, injured skin or skin with open wounds.
  • Do not keep the tape on for longer than 8 hours, prolonged use can cause irritation and discomfort when removing. Remember to use an oil or lotion when removing for comfort.
  • Use tape with extra caution when in hot environments or under prolonged sun exposure, as the adhesive on the tape can melt to your skin. (Sorry lovies, no sunbathing with tape on!)
  • Bare-ish tape products are not for daily use, please allow your skin 48 hours - 72 hours between uses.


We highly recommend doing a patch test on your skin, cut a small piece of tape and apply a test patch to your boob/chest for at least 4 hours to ensure your skin does not react. Remember your breast skin is different from the rest of your skin, if any irritation occurs during or after patch testing immediately discontinue use. This product is not recommended for sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies.

SAFETY NOTE - Please read our safety guidelines before using our products. Our products are made with very strong medical grade acrylic adhesive which provides a strong hold but must be used with care. Please read all information above and be fully aware of all and any risks to avoid skin irritation or injury and follow the BARE-ISH guidelines.


While irritation may occur in a very small percentage of users, we urge customers to follow our safety guidelines and well as application and removal steps, these guidelines are provided to prevent any injury or irritation while using our products, whilst we cannot guarantee that irritation will not occur, following the guidelines will prevent any major allergies or injury. Our products are carefully sourced from reputable and quality credible manufactures the products are not completely exempt from causing irritation especially to customers with sensitive skin (please make sure to follow the patch test guidelines). Any product used will be at each customer’s own risk. All products are certified safe, and all our adhesive products are medical grade, but the adhesive strength is very strong and very sticky, so we highly recommend using them with care and we ask that all users read the safety guidelines and BARE-ISH 101 page carefully before using our products.